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About us

Before I say about myself, I would like to inform you what this website will provide its readers. This website will help you to

  •  gain knowledge about piping engineering.
  •  learn using Caesar II.
  •  know the frequently asked interview questions.
  •  learn unique topics regarding pipe stress analysis.
  •  make yourself an expert in using Caesar II.
  •  gain quality content about many unique topics on piping engineering.

Now you will be wondering who the hell is this guy?


Well, I am a Mechanical Engineer turned into a Piping Engineer. Currently I work in a reputed MNC as a Piping Stress Engineer. I am very much passionate about blogging and always tried to do unique things.


This website is my first venture into the world of blogging with an aim of connecting with other piping engineers around the world and sharing my knowledge with others.


You can contact me directly by clicking the Contact Us button.

16 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Well done with excellent information! Are you aware of available calculations for determining pressure drop among a bundle of pipes, both finned and smooth, like what we might find in a heat exchanger?

  2. very well arranged topics to learn and understand with simple language .

    A compact bible for pipers and newcomers .

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